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Our Mission

Provide a landscaped environment that encourages peace and tranquility for the customer and their family in a peaceful and quiet setting.

Thank You for Your Service — Veterans Save 20%

All US Veterans who book a landscape maintenance or junk removal project before May 30, 2020 will save 20%! Let us help you get your landscaping ready for summer.

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Does Your Entry Look Like This?

Invasive plants and overgrown shrubs, before picture by Yardmaster NW

If so, you need Yardmaster NW!
understand that sometimes the yard just gets out of control.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, …

then the outside of your building and its surroundings speak volumes to your visitors before they take a single step inside. Learn more about our Landscape Maintenance services.

A question to ask … (and answer)
Do It Yourself Or Hire A Pro?

You want your lawn and garden to look inviting. You know how much work that entails. So should you do it yourself or hire a professional? Which characteristics best describe you?

My family and I need__ more free time.__ to save money.
I think gardening is a__ dreary chore.__ great hobby.
Right now, my yard is__ half dead and weedy.__ tidy and mowed.
I want to do it myself,__ but I have no time.__ I consistently have time

Finally, do you already know how to

  • prune trees and shrubs to maintain their health, growth, and beauty?
  • choose the proper fertilizer for each type of plant/shrub/tree in your yard?
  • choose the safest, most effective weed or pest control method?
  • give your lawn and each type of plant in your garden the right amount of water?

If hiring a professional lawncare specialist is the right choice for your family, contact Yardmaster NW to schedule your first service.

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We want to keep your landscape healthy, clean, and attractive. For large and small projects we apply the same care and work quality to ensure that your landscaped environment encourages peace and tranquility for yourself and your family.

Learn More About Yardmaster NW

Yardmaster NW was founded by John Easom, an Army Veteran with an Associates Degree in Landscape Technology from Portland Community College and Master Gardener Certificate from Oregon State University Extension. Learn more about John and the experience and knowledge he brings to landscaping services.