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Yardmaster NW: Wilsonville Estate Project

Landscape Maintenance in Wilsonville

Earlier this winter Yardmaster NW had the opportunity to clear a 10’ X 300’ swath of land of blackberries, ivy, and horsetail ferns. The area was along a property line that bordered the driveway into an estate-type home near Wilsonville, Oregon.

This is what our client had to say,

John and his Yardmaster NW team faced a huge job at our place. What seemed like miles of blackberries brambles, horsetail ferns, and ivy were slowly taking over our yard. 

They cut it all down, cleaned the mess that created, and hauled all of it away. Now we can see the woods. The crew was diligent, thorough, and always courteous. I will definitely hire Yardmaster NW again. 

Debra H.

Yardmaster NW


weedy area alongside driveway in Wilsonville
BEFORE: note the weeds encroaching on the driveway.


Wilsonville driveway alongside of natural area after landscape work
AFTER: invasive plants removed, this natural area is now beautiful.

Yardmaster NW is your go-to landscape maintenance company, servicing the entire Portland metro area with qualified and dependable people.

We enjoyed the Wilsonville project because we get satisfaction from a job well done! 

Yardmaster NW is available to do landscape maintenance, junk removal and hauling, fence and deck repairs and much more.

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peaceful landscape in NW Portland

At Yardmaster NW we value peaceful landscape settings that allow you to relax while providing privacy and tranquility for you and your family.

Our Mission

Since 1985 I have worked in landscaping and park maintenance improving the safety and beauty of our outdoor settings. In 2018 I opened my own company, Yardmaster NW. Our mission is to provide a landscaped environment that encourages peace and tranquility for our customer and their family in a peaceful and quiet setting.

How We Can Serve You

We look forward to serving you by maintaining your landscape and improving the safety and beauty of your yard and gardens.

Whether you live in the City of Portland or a suburban lot, you can rely on us to improve your yard and gardens. We want your home’s outdoor environment to be welcoming, relaxing, peaceful, and safe. Livability is more than a catchword for us. Creating a livable peaceful landscape is our mission.

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